This morning, I as I drove through downtown Indianapolis, I passed my old apartment at 14th and Alabama. It was formerly a turn of the century hotel that had been converted into inner city housing. It boasted of original hardwood floors and beautiful arched doorways. In reality, it barely had 300 square feet, no air […]

The next few days are a whirlwind as we say goodbye to our home. We pack the truck today and tomorrow sign the papers to move into another beautiful home near by. It’s bittersweet. The entire selling process has been a dream where God has provided everything we need in the most perfect timing. Indulge […]

To say that this summer has been a crazy one would be an understatement. In a moment of bravery, we put our house on the market hoping that it would sell sometime this year. See, we’ve been down this road before and it was a total flop. No buyer, barely any showings… This time, we […]

In the past few years, my husband has taken up running. Neither of us have ever been athletic people (except for marching band which I will argue is an actual sport) but when he hit his 35th birthday, a spark was ignited in his heart. All of the men in his family have died at […]

I put out a call for help on Sunday. “Anyone want to meet for breakfast on Tuesday and help me write some love letters for our city?” Love letters? To strangers?  We aren’t talking about mushy, gushy, passionate love letters. We’re talking about encouragement, kind words penned from our hearts in friendship to people we’ve never […]

There are days when being a business owner is just too hard. Days when my mind just can’t hold another piece of information. Days when I close the computer at 2:30pm to get the kids off of the bus, homework done, laundry folded, dinner cooked, baths ran and bedtime snuggles given. I spend time with […]

(Read the update to this story here) I first saw Hannah Brencher on  Justin & Mary (a photography blog that I follow). Then I saw her again on a TED Talk. Hannah’s concept is simple. The world needs more love letters.  She anonymously writes encouraging letters to strangers and then leaves them to be found by […]

Good marriages are built with hardwork, sweat, tears, prayer and a whole lot of love, patience and respect. While I know many good ones do exist, I know there are many more who are struggling. I adore photographing weddings. I love the little details and the Pinterest projects. I love the planning and dreaming. I […]

  I have been chewing on these three quotes for years… Everyone wants their life to matter – to know that you helped someone along the way or did some good in the world. A legacy that lasts longer than you do. For me, it has reaffirmed and helped to shape the overarching theme I […]

Some of my very favorite photos are ones that aren’t necessarily technically perfect or of the highest quality. They are photos that transport me back in time to a specific place where I can see, hear, smell and feel every detail all over again. This is a photo from when our daughter was really small. […]