Engagement Photos | Chad + Ashley

Remember that blizzard we had last year? I had all of my engagement photos scheduled during that time. Some couples chose to brave the cold. Others rescheduled. With Chad and Ashley’s session, we did something different. We split it into two different short sessions – one in downtown Indy where they got engaged and the other in warmer weather later that spring in Bloomington. 2015-02-09_0027

We took a few photos and then Ashley started digging through her coat pockets. She brought out an extra pair of gloves. She offered them to me. Wearing gloves and using a camera rarely go hand in hand (pun intended!) so I never do it. She just happened to have a the perfect pair of fingerless gloves that fit me and kept me from frost bite. Thank you, Ashley!!! 🙂

This is the very spot where Chad asked Ashley to marry him. You should have seen their faces light up as they retold the story. 🙂
2015-02-09_0029 2015-02-09_0030

I have to admit that the Starbucks was more for of a hand warmer than an actual prop! 🙂 2015-02-09_0031 2015-02-09_0032 2015-02-09_0033

I love downtown Indy at Christmas time. Everything from Monument Circle to the malls to random city streets is lit up and colorful. 2015-02-09_0034 2015-02-09_0035 2015-02-09_0036 2015-02-09_0037 2015-02-09_0038 2015-02-09_0039

I’m not even sure what CouponChad is but we thought it was funny. Chad loves bargins! 2015-02-09_0040

Flash forward a few months and to some warmer weather… (Thank God!!!)2015-02-09_0041 2015-02-09_0042 2015-02-09_0043

This place was amazing… It is an old stone mill so you got the natural stone vibe and the industrial vibe, too. 2015-02-09_0044 2015-02-09_0045 2015-02-09_0046 2015-02-09_0047 2015-02-09_0048 2015-02-09_0049

The very cool part of this is that Chad works with stone and brick at his job. He’s worked on many projects to beautify IU’s campus. When they suggested it to me, I had no idea what they were talking about since I’m just started to explore the Bloomington area. It was perfect! 2015-02-09_0050 2015-02-09_0051

Hmmm…I love me a pretty ring shot! 2015-02-09_0052 2015-02-09_0053 2015-02-09_0054 2015-02-09_0055 2015-02-09_0056

As the night wound down, they showed me one of their favorite places to eat – Mother Bear’s Pizza. Amazing pizza! Yum!!! Congratulations on your engagement, Ashley and Chad. Also, congrats on your wedding and new baby on the way! Gorgeous wedding photos will come soon on the blog.