Indianapolis Engagement Photos | Sam + Elise

Sam, Elise and I spent a gorgeous day last spring wandering around downtown Indy and Fountain Square. When I first met with Elise to discuss her engagement and upcoming wedding, she expressed concern over the height difference between her and Sam. She didn’t want it to look strained or awkward. I always want to take concerns from my couples seriously and do whatever I can in my power to address it. Plus, I knew we’d have to figure out what to do before their wedding day. We researched to find some great poses that helped to compliment a tall groom and a shorter (my height) bride. No one had to wear stilts or cut their legs off at the knees to make these work. 😉

Elise and Sam have been together for many years. You can just feel how comfortable they are around each other. So relaxed and genuine. (By the way, I love the texture of these doors behind them. They add so much depth to the black and white photos.)2015-02-09_0003 2015-02-09_0004 2015-02-09_0005

I think Elise didn’t mind being wrapped up in Sam’s arms. 🙂

Oh, my… This location is one of my all time favorite spots to shoot at. The light is just perfect here. There’s an amazing view of the city and it’s usually pretty peaceful. 2015-02-09_0007 2015-02-09_0008

Surprise! It’s piggy back time! 🙂2015-02-09_0009 2015-02-09_0010 2015-02-09_0011

Elise and Sam wanted to take one photo to comically illustrate their height difference. Ha!2015-02-09_0012

We packed up and headed out to Fountain Square. You never know what you will find when you visit there. It’s a colorful place but the art is always changing. I like it because it’s always funky.2015-02-09_0013 2015-02-09_0014

This robot/love mural makes me laugh every time I see. I’m not even sure it’s still there or who the original artist is but I love it! 2015-02-09_0015 2015-02-09_0016

We came back closer to home to find a few more trees and quiet.
2015-02-09_0017 2015-02-09_0018 2015-02-09_0019 2015-02-09_0020

And the award for the longest eye lashes goes to these guys! 🙂

Congratulations, Sam & Elise on your engagement and 6 month wedding anniversary! Your blog with gorgeous wedding photos is coming soon! 🙂